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Shanghai Fisheries Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Fisheries Group) was reorganized at the end of 2016. At present Shanghai Fisheries Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd. with registered capital RMB 1.5 billion yuan and total assets RMB 5.283 billion yuan, engaging in developing and utilizing ocean food resources in the world.

With deep sea fishing and finely processing as key industries, Shanghai Fisheries Group has established wholly-owned or joint venture or cooperative overseas enterprises or representative offices in more than ten countries or regions. Her overseas investment and operation scope is in the forefront of Chinese deep sea ?enterprises and forms foreign-oriented business structure. ?Therefore she has got the Contribution Award and Bellwether Title issued by Shanghai Municipal Government and has been one of Top 20 Transnational Operation Enterprises in Shanghai.


Shanghai Fisheries Group is dedicating itself to double propulsion for gaining ocean resources and market development, stably building efficient deep sea industry chain from fishing ground to marketplace. Driven by the strategy of industry exploration and products back to China that is considered as new motivation to support its development, Shanghai Fisheries Group is striving for becoming the base of principal and subsidiary food supply with safe quality.


  • Members of Board of Directors

  • Chairman : Mr. Xie Feng

  • Director :Mr. Wang Mingdong, Mr. Zhou Jingwang , Mr. Zhou Jing, Mr. Fu Weimin

  • Members of Board of Supervisors

  • Supervisor:Mr. Qian Ruixin,Mr. Tang Baolong , Mrs. Jiang Yanyan

  • Members of Office of President

  • President: Mr. Xie Feng

  • Vice President: Mr. DUAN Junheng,Mr. Tang Wenhua, Mr. Wang Haifeng,Mrs. Chen Huali

  • Chief Financial Supervisor: Mr. Zhu Jihong

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